4 scientifically proven ways to get yourself involved in sports

1. Come up with a tangible reward.

Tit in the hands of a better crane in the sky. Ghostly goals a la “good health”, “longevity”, “mind blowing body” or “I’m in trend” may not be tangible enough for most. What to do? Come up with a reward that you can “touch.” For example, you can treat yourself to something sweet after an exhausting hike in the pool.

2. Make a public promise

It’s great to be a full-fledged master of your word: I wanted – I gave it, I wanted it – I took it! No liability of the offending party, for example, for the breakdown of the run. However, it is worth only expressing your intentions publicly, as the rules of the game will seriously change. Try putting a photo of your new sneakers on Instagram and make an oath promise to try them out in a five-kilometer race. Believe me, you have a lot of empathetic and attentive judges. 🙂

You are not afraid of bold poplips and bristling comments? Introduce material fines into the contract. Choose a happy “victim” and promise to pay her a certain amount for each fact of failure of the workout. Of course, the figure must be pricked: a couple of dollars will be enough for someone, but somewhere the rate will rise to hundreds.

3. Work on a positive mindset.

99% of the early ups are no good. However, it is worth imagining how you will stretch out on the bed with your favorite book in your hands in the evening, and then a pleasantly awesome touch of color will not paint such a terrible morning. Now you are among the remaining 1%! And all because positive visualization is a faithful companion of motivation. Think about how great it is to watch the birth of the cubes of your press, and the moral strength to go to the simulator will appear by itself.

4. Receive cash rewards

Whatever idealists mumbled about, money still rules the world. Even future American presidents fall into their seats with the help of former presidents perpetuated in a currency with a green tint. With regard to our topic, money can help motivate you to sports.